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Joe Silva needs to find another job


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Okami is working on making a comeback to #1 contender and Alan Belcher is making a strong showing as well. The match-up makes sense' date=' it's just the outcome that sucked.[/quote']


I understand how some fights look good on paper, but he knows Okami and Brunson are wrestlers who will most likely ONLY WRESTLE. Why would he match Leben who is coming off a year suspension with someone who is just going to try and lay&pray the whole time.

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Why would he pair up half the fighters he did for the last main card of the year?

The first 2 fights IMO were a joke.


Belcher wanted to avenge a loss, okami came off a loss, and boetsch is just overrated! The funny thing is both we're wanting a title shot! Both can get to the back of the line!

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