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Congrats to cruz124123451


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wow what are the odds of getting it right like 50/50 ?


This pretty much^^


This was and always will be a toss up fight.


Cain was picked by all the pros in the first fight for a reason, (he had ring rust though, to a guy who uses his speed and cardio to his advantage as much as Cain does that can really hurt you).


That being said, ring rust or not getting KTFO in a minute proves JDS is legit and deserves all the praise he gets.


Ring rust played a huge factor in the first fight and in the second, we all saw what happened...


When the 3rd fight happens (put JDS vs Reem in a title eliminator, asap!), I'm still picking JDS, but just like in the 1st and 2nd fights, only by a very small margin beacuse Cain and JDS are IMHO equally dangerous.

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