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LOL at belcher and boetsch!


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Belcher got taken to school but Boetsch was dominating until 1.) He broke his hand' date=' 2.) He was cut due to an illegal headbutt and 3.) he was poked in the eye.[/quote']agree.


The break of hand totally changed that fight, he just couldn't get the same shot going and he became desperate. his corner didn't help, they need to tell him be patient and set it up.

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They have forever been calling out bisping and both get beaten easily!

Not even on the same level as the count!

Get yourselves to the back of the line!


LOL .. me too


Belcher specially, dude so ****y because he BEAT A ONE DIMENSIONAL PLAHARES LMAOOOOOO


Same goes to Lombard !!!


Do you know who is LOL right now at these clounds ?!



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