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Dos Santos vs Velasquez II was just the HW edition of SIlva vs Sonnen I


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With two major ingredients missing:


-Pillow fists;

-Submission of the year;


Every champion goes through a dark time where they lose focus and become overconfident.


Some champs can get through those periods ok (mainly beacuse the competition they are getting isn't as good as it ought be and by the time they realise how stupid they were being they change their ways, just in time before losing the belt to a real challenger).


Some champs just get to learn this the wrong way when they get paired up with fighters who actually deserve to be in the octagon with them.


I like Cain, but I'm a bigger fan of JDS so I was pissed that he lost, but I knew it was a very big possibility so it didn't shock me.




It doesn't matter if it's this man:








Or this man (on the left):








Or even this man:









When this man decides he wants that HW belt:


















They will all crumble!



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