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I broke a rare record on UFC 155


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Last night all my picks lost the match , no exception at all.


My choices were JDS, Lauzon, Belcher, Leben,Boetsch , Guillard and last but not least Garcia. For god sake not a single of my picks were victorious last night.


Not a record to be proud of but still a record which I do not think I am gonna break in close future. Odds are I will never gonna touch this record in my lifetime( I hope so).:o


So I can pick a train of losers .Isn't it something?:)

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Boetsch's loss was a steaming pile of BS. Broken hand' date=' blinded by blood caused by illegal headbutt and an eye poke to add insult to injury.


Garcia was robbed , but I had picked Holloway.[/quote']


Garcia was robbed last night but maybe he wanted to help me to set up my record :). Conspiracy is always an option or even better always a good excuse.:D

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