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Has HW became the LHW of 3 years ago?


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Bout 3 years ago (sorry didnt bother to make sure my time line was correct) but back be4 the Jon Jones era and after the Liddell era the LHW title changed hands often between Rampage then Griffen,Rashad,Lyoto,Shogun....but then Jones came along a make a legit reign


I see HW right now looking a lot like that right now where the title will change hands a lot cuz all the top guy can beat eachother....but also not only that but the elite at LHW was so much better the everyone else no one had a shot to crack the top 5 (cept Jones who took the belt)....I see HW right now as being that


Bout 3 years ago to top dogs were Shogun,Lyoto,Rashad,RampageGriffen....no outsider has the chances to beat them really and they all were former champs of this "in between era"...to me the elites of HWs are Cain,JDS,Overeem,Werdum,Mir....only guys who have a shot to break into that are DC and a few less likely people in Browne and BigFoot...and I see non of them being the next Jones


But this also scares me....during that time many of the fans loved LHW with everyone having a taste at the title...but to a few like me that got old fast...I like to see title reigns with an iron fist...those of Silva,Gsp,Hughes,Chuck and BJ at LW even Franklin at MW for a time are really impressive to me...and I find that way more entertaining then one and does like rashad,Shogun,Serra,ect


thoughts?....do u like the changing of champs often like at LHW a few years back?...do you think HW will have a long title reign anytime soon...is that guy on the roster now?

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So the same thing almost but with less title level guys:(


To me that even more boring....just two guys holding the belt back and forth between them....sounds so boring


to me its sounds like 2 superior fighters owning everyone...dont blame them...tell Dana to call down the Gods...because thats all i see that can challenge them:cool:

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Well yes sort of both divisions were god awful,to think Forrest was a champion is a real LOL.

Now of course the LHW division has added a couple new fighters,the 185 div is a lot stronger.The HW division still remains a joke,we saw the only two guys with cardio and even then they were still very tired by round 2,kudos that they kept going all 5 rounds.


The HW talent pool is sooooo weak,to think many thought Nogeira was a potential champion is sad.Brock walked into the sport with no skills and quickly took the title with nothing but size,problem is they eventually matched him versus another giant guy in Reem.


JDS held the title for a bit and he doesn't have any skills,he is just good cardio and a counter striker,NOTHING more.Cain is just a mauler NOTHING more,HW division imo will always be the weakest div in MMA.

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