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But honestly, even though i became jds fan after some time, i still think that cain put on a one sitet beating on him, i cant really tell when JDS had a moment, i think jds needs atleast 2 fight until he should get a title shot.


Im really wondering about his ground game, he was dominated like crazy, clinch standup, wrestling. I was sooo suprised that it happned.


but why is it that other JDS fans has to be so narrowminded, jds got litterly raped. The beating was horrific and jds had no answer whatsoever, not once was he close to pull that fight off.


Im a jds and cain fan, main fan of mir. but cain wrecked JDS completely, obliterated him.


So until next rematch JDS fans has to admit cain is champ and the best so far.


Jds was not beaten, he was DOMINATED.


EDIT: that is like saying that JDS got luckt vs mir, mir could of just rushed a takedown instead of standing with him. i mean come on, jds got dominated. cain is sick,

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JDS stuffed every takedown for the first three minutes of the fight. He got in trouble when he started to gas.


Junior's skillset > Cain's


When JDS stuffed Cain's first takedown attempt, be should have went after Cain. Instead, he backpedaled. I don/t know what was wrong with JDS, but he never looked that bad before.



Cain's heart and toughness> JDS'?

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I agree with the OP. I'm one of JDS biggest fans but man he didn't look like himself that night at all. Every top 10 fighter in the division could have beaten him that night. He looked incredibly confident and fired up and then gassed after what 2 mins?

I don't think he took this fight seriously at all and overestimated himself. Disappointing.

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