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Anik/Rogan > Rogan/Goldie


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Never was a huge fan of anik...He obviously has developed television/commentary skills and I'm sure worked on his craft a lot, but personality-wise he just seems to cookie cutter


The things I liked about Goldie...


Got you excited for the main event

Good voice for commentary

Throwback to good UFC memories


Things I didn't like...


Too meek to stand up to anything Rogan says

Doesn't change things up enough

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Haha you mean as long as it's not a Florian? It that your philosophy :D


I like Kenny as a person but can't listen to his voice for 3 hours and could care less about cornermen unless it's Kenny's brother's shrilly girl screams "KENNY!!! KENNY HE'S TIRED ALREADY!!!" KEEEEENNNNYY!!!! 30 seconds into the fight. :rolleyes:


Kenny or his brother don't bug me. Kenny just talks kind of monotone which while not exciting it's fine by me because atleast he knows what he's talking about and i find him less biased than Joe.


The only one i really don't care to listen too at all is Gus Johnson. Mauro is a little bit too spazzy and "radio/news caster slimey" for me too.


Im not a big fan of Michael Schiavello for the same reason although i do like his commentary and i like him as a person. It's the stupid catch phrases and spazzy screaming i don't like.


My favorites are Joe, Bas, Miletich, Mir, Bonnar and Couture.

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For me atleast not a single **** was given who's doing the commentary.


I like some more than others naturally but to me it's about as relevant as who is cornering a fighter.




Goldie's a ****ing boss and I hope he sticks around forever.


Mauro and the Voice are ****ing annoying.

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