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Official fighters that have won by making a boring Lay n' Pray show.


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everyone always says gsp does this...can you point out which fight exactly he just lay on the guy and did nothing?


He is active on the ground in most fights just enough so it doesn't get stood up and so he doesn't get into situations the allow his opponents to move much. His game is tight control with little positional advancement only sometimes and he hardly throws any significant heavy strikes or goes for submission anymore.


I wouldn't quite call it lay and pray but he is certainly much more capable of pushing the pace, advancing, landing significant heavier strikes and trying to set-up submissions.

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I can't wait to see Colton get knocked out or subbed. His boring, one-dimensional gameplan is just too much of a been-there-done-that scenario. Hopefully he'll lose three in a row and the UFC will send him packing. Then he can say that members of the military "do the real work" and that's why he couldn't win in the octagon.


Unfortunately they'll probably stick him with some no-names on the prelims and he'll get another win or two (via decision of course).

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