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After watching UFC 100 greatest fights DVD box set, i came to one conclusion


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Doubt it...but its deft possible


Chucks era had only wrestlers with no striking besides vitor....I see Chuck not being able to deal with bones range due to him not being that fast really


A prime Chuck,rampage,Wandy all would have trouble beating jones...only LHW of that day who stood a chance is Randy with his wrestling and head movement and Shogun with his prime striking and Hendo

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After watching the UFC 100 greatest fights DVD box set' date=' i came to one conclusion, Chuck Liddell in his prime would absolutely knock out Jon Jones if they fought.

Chuck old fights are the best fights to watch he brings it with power, I recommend the 100 greatest ufc fights box set to any ufc fan[/quote']


could I find it in Walmart.

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