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The craziest thing just happened to me


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I just had the most ****ing crazy thing happen to me.


So I go see a movie at the movie theater, because well that's the only thing open today. I pre twisted so I could smoke immediately before. So I get out of my buddys truck and he walked ahead to go get tickets as he doesn't smoke. So I light up and start walking to the theater, avoiding all the kids along the way. So I'm almost at the front door and I rip a huge last haul. Start walking in the door and I look up, pot still in my lungs and two huge guys say, clear a path. I'm thinking WTF? All of a sudden, they split, and Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada) walks through between them. I choke on the smoke out of shock and blow the smoke all over him. They don't even really acknowledge as they quickly got him into his Suburban and they drove off. I literally stood there in shock for like 5 minutes, heart beating like crazy. So ****ed.


I just blew pot smoke all over the leader of my country.


Django Unchained was awesome btw

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