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Demetrious Johnson on John Dodson: "It's not all about speed."


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This will be one hell of a fight. I'm a big Mighty Mouse fan and I was pulling for him during the tournament, but he just does not have that KO power Dodson has.


I'm thinking Dodson is going beat Might Mouse by KO, since he is just as fast as Mighty Mouse unlike Joseph who struggle to keep up.


Dodson is one of the best talents to come out TUF recently, no doubt about it


What u guys giving Dodson a chance of becoming the champ?


Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Demetrious-Johnson-on-John-Dodson-Its-not-all-about-speed.html

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Yah MM has a point...but beside wrestling I don't see a spot where he's better


Dodson has more power and just as much speed...I don't see a KO win for Dodson but I think he will own on the feet


Also heart will play into this...MM has always won easy with little danger to himself...but in the fight with Cruz I felt he checked out a little after round 3 and just didn't try as much...I have not seen the same from Dodson yet so for now that's another edge Dodson has over him


Just look how mm is talking bout this fight...I'm not saying the dude has already checked out but he's not talking like a normal champ would be uknow

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