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Ronda Rousey getting 75k/75k + PPV cut for UFC 157?


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Damn!!! Looks like Ronda getting paid!


Her manager denying that she is gonna make that much, but with Dana been so in love with her I can see him paying her that much.


The UFC did give Lombard like a 300 k signing bonus, I can see them paying Ronda that much.


U guys think her manager full of B.S?


Source: http://fiveknuckles.com/mma-news/Rounda-Rousey-manager-shoots-down-report-of-her-making-$75k$75k-plus-PPV-cut-for-UFC-157.html

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She should at least fight in the UFC before she is a UFC champ.

Sleeping with Dana at least has worked to her advantage that way.

Either way, if she makes 75/75k + PPV, she is doing alright, should get a little more for being the headliner. As it stands, not many people are attracted to the card and the PPV sales will be low.

Liz on the other hand is getting jack **** at 12/12k for headlining.

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Well firstly she isn't a UFC champion until she wins a fight. Secondly she should 'screw' as much money as she can out of Dana before he realises he needs two (or even three) female fighters people want to see fight before he can start a women's division. Thirdly (as Gina Cerano proved), there is more money to be made elsewhere once you have a decent amount of guys who want to look at your tits.

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