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I see that the Exclusive section has been bumped to the top to let us poor maligned FC paid members feel important...


But why doesn't the Exclusive header have a link to that section?


If I'm in a thread or subforum in that section, there is a line at the top that says:

HOME > Exclusive > UFC Fight Club.


On that screen, if I click on Exclusive, it takes me to that section, with the other subforums shown (currently in a screwed up format squished to the right).


But on the standard forums home page, where the sections are listed in a red banner, the Exclusive section doesn't have that link. To get to the main Exclusive page I have to go into one of the Exclusive subs and then jump back if that makes sense.


Some pics attached to hopefully explain...

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I don't necessarily want to hide subforums though, I just want to be able to jump to the home screen for all of the Exclusive ones, and when I get there I want it fixed instead of crammed to the right.


It's the same on the right hand side of the screen I'm on now, The sections are;




Fight Club



I can click on each sub heading under those and jump to that section, but I can't click on any of the 4 section headings. That doesn't make sense to me.

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