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Eddie Alvarez being sued by Bellator, feels betrayed by the organization


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"They're going to the media and saying they matched the offer, but in our opinion they didn't match at all. The terms are not the same. If this goes in front of anyone in court, they're going to see that this is not a match. The truth is this is disappointing. I gave a lot to Bellator and I don't get much back in return. "

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Eddie should just do what Vinny Magalhaes did and take a year off while the cooling off period runs out.


Would suck balls to see a great fighter waste a year of his prime because Bellator want to rip him off


Reminds me of Tyson Nam.. they release him, he knocks out their champ in another promotion and all of a sudden they decide it's only fair for them to exercise their matching period.

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