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What was the biggest upset in UFC history


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some other good ones:


penn beating hughes in their first fight

forrest getting the belt from rampage

serra over gsp (of course)

hendo over wanderlei in '07 (at the time, that was a huge upset)

gonzago over crocrop in '07

jardine over liddell

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Most people will say Serra over GSP but they forget how much of an upset Forrest over Shogun was. I'm going with Forrest over Shogun for it's time. But the GSP upset has aged the best. One of the biggest major org upset of all time was Soccerjew over Lil Nog though.... and Werdum over Fedor needs a mention in that case too but not quite as bad as the others I mentioned.

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forgot about werdum over fedor, that is def in the top 3 of all time


a few others people don't really talk about

edgar beating sherk

couture beating sylvia and vitor

randelman over crocrop

a. silva over sakurai (this may shock people...but at the time they fought, sakurai was hands down the WW boss and undefeated, silva won the shooto championship in their fight, and it was a huge win in his career that most people don't mention)


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Edgar over Penn twice


Ortiz over Bader


Sonnen vs. Anderson- Anderson for getting pounder by an unknown; Sonnen for giving up the submission after the most one sided beatdown in title fight history


Sonnen was an unknown when he fought Silva? :-O


To the casual fan...yes. It had been the first time most people have ever heard of him. He may have gained a very small following after the Marquardt smashing, but that's it.

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You guys all forget to mention Cain Vs JDS 2. That to me is easily the biggest upset in UFC history. JDS either had two things happen. One, he got paid mad money to throw the fight so they could have a unification bout because the HW division is shallow, or two he was injured and didn't tell us, simple as that.


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