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UFC President Dana White will make up UFC 149 card to the upset fans


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UFC 149 was a joke, let's be honest as soon as the main event started i was headed to the door to get first dibs on a cab ride home. There was a guy in front of me searching **** on his phone and then later falling asleep during the Lombard/Boetsch fight.


As a fan i stand on the side of watching a fight at home regardless of the PPV costs. I will NOT be going to another UFC event outside of having floor seats or somewhere in the aisle the fighter exit/enter in.


Calgary was a very disappointing outting. The greatest upside was that there was not many woman there and my ol' lady didn't have to wait in line for the crapper.


Anybody else have a terrible experience at live events? Personally i'd rather watch at home where i can be as vocal as i want, cheaper beer and better food/company trumps going live IMO.


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I paid 60 bucks for a nosebleed seat at UFC 150 Henderson vs Edgar 2.


Some say the fights sucked that night but I enjoyed them.


My biggest complaint was the uneducated Denver fans. They were terrible. I even posted a thread about how horrible they were! lol


I would like to pay some more money and get a good seat in the future, but I do enjoy the comfort of my big screen in my living room.

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