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who will have the most UFC success of the StrikeForce fighters?


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Who is it...who can be a champ...who will get exposed



I myself think it will be Jacare Souza...he's as close to the total package as one can get


He will walk into the MW divison and will have the best Ground game period...I don't think any other SF fighter can say that...and his striking has got better by a lot...he's got power but I don't think he will beat top 10 guys based of his stand up alone...its is complete skill set with his amazing Jits that will get him his UFC wins



I'm torn between Luke Rockhold and Gegard Mousasi...I love Gegard but I don't see him getting close to a title shot at 205 dude to his size...i dont see him getting the fights to the ground against the bigger guys and strikers like Alexander just peppers him all day


Rockhold is well rounded enough but I don't see not much special bout him...he's like a slightly better version of Tim Kennedy but just don't have that one skill that can't beat everyguy with

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I don't think any of them will go on to win a title in the UFC (unless it's an interim one or something), but I'm sure there'll be at least a few title shots to come out of it. Luke Rockhold won't get a shot if he's forced to earn it against any top MW. Bisping, Belfort, Weidman, Boetsch, Okami, or maybe even Philippou would take him out.


I love to watch Roger Gracie and Ryan Couture fight, but I don't think they're destined for top 10.


Melendez gets a title shot coming in just like Eddie Alvarez, but they're both getting beat down.


Cormier might make an impact if he can make 205 fine, and I foresee a Josh Barnett/Minotauro Nogueira rubber match in the near future.

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Jacare is awesome but don't forget Roger Gracie is also coming so he won't have the title of best grappler in the division :D

Yeah, I was hoping Smith would beat him, he is an exciting fighter but the sub defense wasn't enough for Roger.


Rogers jitz > Souza anyday.


Souze is more well rounded though. Middleweight just got some good fighters.





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