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Lack of Poll options.


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There are precious few options when making new poll threads.


For every event, as a moderator I am asked to make an "official" discussion thread. Part of these threads is a multiple-choice poll for our community to be able to vote for their main card pics.


Right now, although we can select 10 options there is no option for multiple choice and there is no way for me to close this poll on a specified date or manually when the Main Card starts.



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so whoever is in charge, let me put this in layman's terms


we need a poll with AT LEAST 10 options and IT HAS to be multiple choice, OR at least have the option to do so.


A 10 option poll with the ability to only select one option is about as useful as a bulletproof mopehead.

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Hey guys, sorry those features are not readily available with the new poll tool, and unfortunately, we won't have them in place ahead of this weekend's event. Taking the feedback into account though, and will see what we can do.




It's ok I limited the poll to the main event

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