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White: Rashad has lost the hunger


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UFC president Dana White says Rashad Evans (17-3) has lost his desire, drive and hunger. Evans lost a lacklustre unanimous decision to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (21-5) at UFC 156 last night. He also lost the chance to fight middleweight king Anderson Silva (33-4). In the lead-up to UFC 156, Evans revealed how he toyed with the idea of retirement after losing to former teammate Jon Jones (18-1). MMA Junkie asked White for his thoughts on "Suga," who now finds himself on a two-fight losing streak.


“If that word even comes out of your mouth in this business, it’s a negative. It’s bad. The fact that he even said the ‘R’ word shows you where his head is at and what he’s thinking … To be honest with you, Rashad and I have a good relationship. I like Rashad a lot. He’s a good guy, a smart guy. But he has lost that hunger. He’s lost that desire and drive, and he needs to get it back. There’s no doubt about it. He needs to get hungry again. Back in the day, he used to get a little – what’s the word I’m looking for – paranoid. He was always a little paranoid. But he always did the right thing. He needs to get that fire back. He doesn’t have that fire. He needs to get it … Rashad used to train like a beast. Rashad never used to get tired. The only time you saw Rashad get tired was when he first came into the UFC and fought Tito (Ortiz) in that first fight. Then after that he turned into an absolute beast. He’s gotta get it back.”


From www.mmaliveshere.com

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