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Which UFC fighters are still kicking it at the age of >35yo and which are not?

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And which are your favourite oldies but goodies?!




Mark Hunt - just turned 39 yesterday! Is on a rise in his MMA/UFC career. Knocks people out, has improved his ground game to a point where he can shut down even good grapplers (vide Struve fight).

Anderson Silva - turns 38 next month. Still destroying everybody like he's in his 20s.

Demian Maia - 35yo and on a tear at WW.




Henderson - 42yo. Has started getting injured more often, but still fights with all of his assets in tact.

Cung Le - 41yo. Still in shape for a highlight KO.

Cheick Kongo - 37yo. Wins fights he should be winning.

Roy Nelson - 36yo. Wins fights he should be winning. No signs of aging yet, except for his grey beard.

Vitor Belfort - turns 36yo next week. Gotta give him the benefit of the doubt with the TRT thing. He looks sharp in his fights.

Chael Sonnen - 35yo. This seems to be his time.

Werdum - 35yo. Climbing to a title shot at HW.

John Fitch - 35yo. Looked as good as ever vs young Silva, but not so much vs Maia.




Wandy Silva - 36yo. Has to fight smart to keep winning fights. Has lost his chin and reflexes.

Big Nog - 36yo. Has lost a good amount of speed as well as his chin, but in the fights he wins he looks better than ever with his improved striking skills.




Shane Carwin - 38yo. Hasn't fought since 2011 due to constant injuries.



My favs are the top-3 "awesome goodies". It kinda hurts not to see Shane Carwin together with them :((



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Great post. I agree with the placement of everyone. Hendo I think is the most interesting. I think he belongs in that category, but just a year or two ago I would have placed him in the top one. It's weird to think about his whole career and just now have to move him into that category.

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George Sotiropoulos - 90yo. He looked to be on the cusp of a title shot before he started his recent skid. He's in the twilight of his career, so I assume he'll retire before he becomes a centenarian.

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