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I had a dream of Aldo vs Lamas last night.


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Dreamt of the fight last night. As soon as the fight started, Lamas was dead set on trying to take Aldo down. Aldo stuffed every single one of Lamas takedown attempts and was lighting him up with leg kicks when they separated. Midway through the first round, Aldo landed a left hook straight to the temple that knocked Lamas on his back and followed it up with punches to put him out cold.


I just had a premonition, I'm calling it now, Alda via KO(punches) 1st round.


Edit: Inb4 being called gay for dreaming of two men.

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I've dreamt that i fought ufc fighters before, but never of two half naked sweaty men before... That's pretty gay dude .


Yeah cause getting physical with a half naked sweaty dude, while also half naked and sweaty is less gay.





I was just messing with ya...


I don't give two sh1ts if your gay or not.

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