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OMFG this is Huge!


The Bellator tournament is the toughest tournament in MMA!


For RamGOAT to go through Beltran, M'PUMBU and King MO would be INSANE!


At 35 years old, going through such a stacked tournament gives RamGOAT a chance to make history!


The UFC definitely won't let any of their fighters into this tourny, I doubt Jon Jones would even get past M'Pumbu.


The Winner of this tourney will not only be the best Light-Heavyweight in the world, but the Greatest Fighter of ALL Times!


M'Pumbu is a BEAST, this will be one of RamGOAT's hardest fights


and King MO is a living legend! No fighter in the world can go through Beltran, M'Pumbu and King Mo......but RamGOAT has a chance


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As long as he beats M'pumbu since he is a wrestler, he should win that tournament. King mo has the WORST chin in all of combat sports. It is so embarrassing watching him take a shot. Those to have been jawing at each other for years, if that fight happens, Rampage is going to knock him into the great beyond.

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