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Do you think this is true?


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I'll paste the link, but it seems difficult to imagine. I just sorta' have this view that there are some really, really bad places out there. What am I talking about?


Okay, so this website listed the 15 most dangerous Neighborhoods in the World, and it has East St. Louis at #1; meaning, according to this website, there's no place on earth that's as dangerous.


I've looked into this thing before and I think I've mentioned it on this forum. East St. Louis always seems to get a mention, but usually the attention getters are cities in South America and Mexico. I wonder if the discrepancy is "neighborhood" as opposed to city, although East St. Louis is certainly larger than a neighborhood and is most definitely a city.


I live in downtown St. Louis; a stone's throw from East St. Louis. I'm intimately familiar with the area...so much that in real life I refer to it as "East St." I even attended a couple semesters of high school there, before dropping out (it really is a terrible, scary place to try to get an education; especially for a boy who grew up in a safe, rural district.) Anyway, I can certainly testify that East St. Louis is like other place that I have visited. You can not go a single block without seeing people openly engaging in prostitution or narcotics distribution. Every building is ****ty and scary. Every traffic sign or light is dilapidated and worn and the general condition of the streets themselves is pretty shabby.


It is certainly not the place to be, unless you're addicted to drugs and need to easily find them (of course, you are making a very risky move trying to get from this area. You're playing games with your life. Real talk.) Truthfully, I have seen "gangsta" movies depicting violent neighborhoods and they don't really seem to impress me. I'm being for real.


The government in East St. Louis is documented as being notoriously corrupt to the point of it being questionable whether or not they have any function at all. It is so well documented and such common knowledge, that you'd be hard pressed to find too much of it in the papers, because it's simply old news (funny, people never seem to get tired of hearing about the weather. I just simply do not understand people.)


I mean, this place is terrible, I'm going to be completely honest about that. But the most dangerous neighborhood in the world? That just doesn't seem like it's true.



Oh, I almost forgot to put the link in here!


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