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Team Alpha Male Curse


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I'm done putting bets down on TAM in title fights.


You'd win everytime if you bet against them in title fights, and bet on them in non title fights.


It's not worth it the other way around. Barao was a three to one fav. Not the greatest bet. But I suppose the point is I'd win anyway. Haha!

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When Aldo goes up to fight Pettis the curse will be over, if Mendes gets a shot before Aldo returns.


as long as he doesn't have to fight bj, this is how its going to work, Aldo goes up fights pettis vacates his title, BJ beats Frankie then gets a shot against whoever for the FW title and Barao continues to dominate BW. all three lighter weight champs training together and they float off into the sunset

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