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So How Did Ricardo Almeida Do As A Judge?


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I think this was a big deal but I have not seen his judging card to know his he viewed the fights


Or heard people comment on his performance


So did he seem like he did a good job?...would u like more former fighters to become judges?...did he set a good standard for more fighters to become judges?



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He's been a judge for a while. He usually does pretty well. Judging a fight is a very subjective thing though. Sure, there are guidelines on how to judge but every judge looks at things differently. Some count every strike landed as a "significant strike" where some only count damaging blows. Some count a takedown almost as much as a knockdown even if it leads to nothing on the ground. The judging criteria needs to be more specific to cut down on bad decisions. Ignorant judges play a part, but the vague scoring system is the larger problem IMO. More fighters becoming judges would help the problem to some extent. Even then, they would each have their own idea on what should win a fight. More precise scoring methods are the answer.

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