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Okay, so Barao didn't take the belt away from Cruz. Does that even matter?


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Listen, if Cruz ever makes it back into the world of MMA, he's probably going to be a mere shadow of his former self. I mean, he's been out for a while. Fighting at the highest level of this sport is, well...it's kind of difficult. Don't you think? It's sorta' the kind of thing that takes at least a fair amount of practice.


So, he's probably going to get his **** handed to him. That would make sense. If and when that ever happens, it would be a fair assumption that Cruz could have put on a more competitive show, had he never suffered from his injuries. Bash him if you will, but injuries in this sport are real and they can be career killers.


Anyway, does that really matter? Barao is on a tear. That dude is a beast. Truly, Cruz fought the best in the world in his time. But now Barao is fighting the best in the world, in a sport that evolves quickly. And we all hate MMA math (outside of a triology between two competitors or at least a single matchup, it's the next best thing,) but Barao is putting on better performances against some of the same players. Cruz taking smaller fighters like Mighty Mouse and Ian McCall to a decision doesn't exactly make the strongest case for him to have beaten off Barao, either. (I don't mean "beaten off" like that! Don't be sick.)


So, Barao is the champion and he should be. Discuss.

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