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Boxing Featherweight Oscar Gonzalez Dies of Brain Injury


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23 year old Oscar Gonzalez died Monday afternoon as a result of his injuries sustained in his Saturday night bout against Jesus Galicia in Mexico City.


From the article:

When Gonzalez tried to clinch Galicia after taking several blows, referee Rafael Saldana broke them apart. As Saldana separated them, Gonzalez began to stagger backwards into the corner post, staying upright only because Saldana caught him.


Saldana appeared to briefly speak to Gonzalez and was ready to restart the fight when Gonzalez, who had steadied himself against the corner post, spit out his mouthpiece and bent over. Saldana then waved off the fight with 1 minute, 55 seconds left in the round and Gonzalez immediately collapsed into Saldana's arms and then to the canvas.


Ringside medical personnel surrounded Gonzalez within moments. He appeared to have a seizure. He was eventually put into a neck brace, given oxygen and removed from the ring on a stretcher in a matter of minutes.


On Monday night, just a few hours after Gonzalez's death, Fox Deportes replayed the fight in its entirety.



Video of the unfortunate end of the bout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJSzjmosv9E




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Boxing may be boring as **** most of the time. But the punishment they take is very real. The fatality rate is a lot higher then MMA especially at the lower weight classes where they cut weight and become dehydrated and then get knocked out for not having enough water in their system. Prayers go out to his family. Nobody wishes for that to happen to another person ever.

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man between this guy and that guy from mission impossible, my shovel is working overtime this week


damn. what a way to go.


Can't get enough hairy man **** huh? fgt. If there is anything that IDYB loves, it is Microsoft, and hairy man ****.

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