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Science VS Creationism Live now


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Bill Nye Offers a far more persuasive argument in my opinion, I felt as if Mr Ham was not only going in circles, but stating blatant falsehoods eg. Christians invented marriage, and every time he started a rebuttal with" well you know we have this book..." made me quite annoyed. But I freely admit I believe evolution is the best explanation at this point in time.


Science isn't dogmatic by its very nature, and any idea or result can be challenged with new ideas. The more we observe the more questions are raised, and ultimately it's asking " I can see this in front of me, how did it get there? what made it? and where is it going?"


This dogmatic religious view asks the same questions but has a "God Umbrella" which is unchanging and infallible (depending on who reads the book...)


I would actually be interested in seeing Mr Ham engaged in debate with someone who specialises in religious studies, particularly someone who has a non Judeo Christian world centric view.

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Are they selling books? Usually these debates are to sell books.


I think so aswell cuz they both made points off eachother at the start of the debate be4 the rebuttal time (Grand Canyon part)


Seemed planned to me...it would drastically undermind the debate to me if both sides were given an outline of what the other planned to say


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So majority of you believe in the Big Bang ?


One side is looking for evidence for whatever makes the most sense, whatever that may be


The other side is looking for evidence to discredit anything that doesn't fit with their preconceived idea.


What is important to remember is this wasn't a debate of science vs religion, it was a debate as to whether Creationism deserves to be taught alongside evolution in schools.


Should the Hindu scriptures regarding creation be included then as well? Because I can tell you now a LOT more people believe Hinduism over Creationism. Or how about the Norse view of creation. While we are at it we should also include various aboriginal creation stories as well.


Right now there are approximately 41 000 different denominations of Christianity, and Creationism does NOT truly represent even 1% of them




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