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There is not a phone number that I know of, but there is an e-mail address: ufcfightclub@support.sparkart.com


For future reference, there are two pre-sale options: One for current Fight Club members, and one for new members. You must've selected the latter, rather than the former, as that adds the cost of the Fight Club membership to the ticket purchase. Selecting the former prompts you to enter your Fight Club pre-sale code.

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Yea I see where I messed up. I did enter my code and when it got to the point of how many tickets there was two spots I selected the one to add on a membership to the order. Emailed the support and they know and aw that I was already a member and wont give me a refund but will add on another year. Not too happy cause I just forked out several hundred for the tix and membership. NOW I NOW

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I keep getting the following:




You don't have permission to access /ufc-172-baltimore-maryland-04-26-2014/event/15004C3FB12B8CCF on this server.


WTF over...


Yeah, that's the case with the Announcements forum for some people. No idea why. Happens to me too. If you open it up in another browser, where you haven't logged into the Fight Club site, you'll be able to view it. That's what I have to do if I want to read anything there.

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I have printed off my early code for the early entry to the O2 in Dublin, I

also printed the two tickets from Ticketmaster too which we were advised to

do.. I was allowed to get two tickets.


My question is, does my early entry code cover me and my friend, or does it

only cover me?



Thanks and Kind Regards,



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