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Suicide Bomber Trainer Accidentally Blows Up His Students


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Well guess they got what was coming to them in a way...just a little be4 they planned


But I hope the reaction of the other people will go as an example to some of the people in our nation and on this site


Many of you (not pointing an fingers at any one person) feel that it's best to "nuke the whole lot of em'"


Not even taking into account there are people in the Middle East know who that was terrorist do is wrong


But most of you don't care at all...most of you see all Middle East people as ones who support terrorism and it's practices...you could not be more wrong...it if just goes to show character of you when u say they all should die

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Does the teacher still get his fat hairy virgins or does he default them to his students as compensation?


Shark_Etiquette may know the answer, he supports this kind of behavior.


He also supports welching on forum wide bets because he handles his emotions like a ****.


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