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Georges St-Pierre: I'd fight Anderson Silva or Brock Lesnar


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Chael Sonnen was right, the UFC is full of cowards.


Retired fighters these days have to call out guys to keep things exciting, because the active fighters are too scared to call anybody out, and if they do, they call out retired fighters... *cough* Overeem *cough*

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Brock would destroy him


Anderson vs GSP is a toss up, Anderson has horrible wrestling so George could easily lay on him for 5 rounds BUT if George gets hit once he will fold up and quit like a little ****


Georges got hit by Hendricks and didn't fold.


anyways, way to state the obvious.


I just find it funny that he is saying all this now. Now that Anderson has a broken leg and isn't the champ. and Brock Lesnar..??? he's been out of the UFC for how long now?


whats next, he's gonna call out Don Frye? maybe Bas Rutten?


GSP : you're a fake piece of ****!

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This is kind of annoying...the entire world has asked for this fight every single interview he had for 4 years straight and now it's a fight he wants?


I really don't have even close to the same level of interest for GSP/Silva as I did before. I'm way more interested to see if they could get their belts back in their divisions. I think MW is extremely interesting ATM and I'm curious how Silva would fare against some new challenges like Bisping, Jacare, Vitor rematch, etc.

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