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Best Striker out of this list ?


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It is really all a matter of perspective, but there is no question that Wanderlei is clearly the more accomplished and most dangerous striker on the list, so by virtue of that he tops my list.


I'd say:



Sanchez - He's sloppy and hasn't exactly beaten many great fighters in the striking department, but he's fearless and has a great chin, so I'll give him props.

Shields - You can argue for him at #2 as well; it is closer than some may think. He has improved technically by leaps and bounds, thanks to his teammates.

Maia - He's a much improved striker over the last few years. He can actually win fights with his striking now, just not consistently enough.



I like Forrest, but his lack of training led to his downfall. He had his moments throughout his career and he held his own, but he fell off fast mostly due to the fact that the game just passed him by.

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