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Other than "Warrior" and "Here Comes the Boom" has there ever been an MMA movie where the sport wasn't presented as some blood thirsty activity done in cages in prison basements or in warehouses owned by gangs forcing people to fight for their lives? I can't figure out why there isn't a more prevalent section of films devoted to it. It certainly has a natural built in story flow with a clear culmination in a final fight.


Have you seen any other MMA movies you liked?

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Redbelt was ok but other than that nothing else springs to mind.


Ed Oneil was in it, as well as Enson, Rico Chiapparelli, i think Frank Trigg and also some lesser known mma fighters and coaches a whole bunch of Machado's.


It was also pretty cool Dan Inosanto was represented as the Helio Gracie like BJJ grandmaster professor.

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