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Cat Zingano would wreck Ronda


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Zingano cant even wrestle. Women are too weak to KO eachother so thats not gonna happen either.


Cyborg can slaughter her but if she can get her down Ronda won't let her slip away like Shayna did.


I think Cat can TKO her with a series but she probably gets takedown and Armbared. Her BJJ is pretty good though and she's tough so maybe she survives long enough to turn the tide. No telling how much the knee and now her husband set her back.


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I know one thing for sure, If Rhonda's next fight is with Davis, that will be one PPV I absolutely wont buy or watch, Cat is the only one left that makes sense. I believe Rhonda would get her toughest test with Cat and in fact might get a good ole fashion beat down. At the very least Cat would hit Rhonda many times in the face before the fight is over and that I would pay to see! And if Cat doesn't work out with her injuries and personal tragedies then give Sarah another shot with a ref that's making better decisions !

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LoL no


I still don't understand all the hype behind Zingano


Everyone knows that in close fights, the more jacked person wins


Except it won't be close. Rousey will toss her for 5. Easily.


all women fighters are cans compared to Rousey


every fight is a close to being stopped the second ronda steps into the cage. A stoppage is literally less than 3 minutes away before Buffer even starts talking


Agreed. Great post.

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Not only would Cat have gotten destroyed had she not injured her knee, etc., But Ronda will romp her even thoroughly if she's who Cat faces fresh off her rehab/layoff.

Cat has some impressive skill but not to the level of Rousey and she makes way too many mistakes that Ronda easily exploits. Unless some new star is born, Cyborg is the only one who would bring us a true war that's PPV worthy.


If Cyborg and Rousey fought at 140 two weeks from now, Cyborg would destroy Ronda. Even though Rousey is learning and displaying BJJ skills at a rapid pace, her boxing/striking is pretty atrocious for the professional level and I don't see her acquiring those skills by December or even early 2015. It takes much more time and experience to learn those skills and implement them into a real world fight.


Now the question is...How will Cyborg look at 135.

Lauren Murphy must've shat her chonies when Cyborg ran her game all over Dana's previous hypocritical statements that he pulled a 180° on last night. Lauren becomes the unfortunate target/speed-bump on the path to Ronda's face.

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