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Rousey vs Cyborg


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Dana has gave hope to a potential fight between Rousey and Cyborg saying that Cyborg is planning to cut down to 135


Quote from Dana:


“If she goes to 135 pounds she will die. A doctor did this, a doctor did that. Who wants to have her fight first at 135? Not me. There’s a lot of things that would have to happen before we (book that fight.) First we’d have to come to a deal, she’d have to fight – and make 135 pounds a couple times somewhere else, and if she’s healthy, maybe we can do it.”


“You don’t just get a couple of fights at 135 and come in and step over every girl in the UFC and get a chance to fight Ronda, it doesn’t make sense.”


Now am I the only one that thinks he just says this when he feels like it



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