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Who would win? Phil Davis vs DC

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Phil kicks a little better but he's not a powerful kicker, he's a little faster and more athletic and knows a little more about the submission game.


DC has good defense, a solid chin, much better hands, he is very powerful, can go the distance and he's a way better wrestler.


The only way i can see Phil beating him is some kind of Machida out point game but i don't see him being able to keep DC off of him and he won't take him down.


DC via TKO.





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Stylistically this match well suited for DC to get the win.


Phils striking is more diverse but he doesn't have anywhere near the explosive power of DC, both good wrasslers but once again DC has the edge. Submission is the only area where Phil seems to have an advantage.


I think this fight basically stays on the feet with DC bullying Phil against the cage in the clinch wearing him out.


Probably a boring UD but DC could lay him out.


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