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TUF Brasil 3 cast contestants revealed. Brazil is taking over the UFC!


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Rust, German, Bomb, Marmot, ****, Lyoto, Crazy, Little Rubber, Vinegar, Retard (LMAO!!!), War **** Machine (LFMAO!!!!), Big Baby, Shoe Face, Mountain, Armoured, Skinny, Giant, Monster, Soldier Job, Big Foot (yes, another one), Rick Monster, Big Monster and last but not least, Lex Luthor.



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Props to Spart for being able to take a joke, and make fun of his own people.


This thread is hilarious.


Out of all those terrible nicknames I think "Shoe face" has me the most intrigued. Maybe

his head/face is really flat like someone has beaten it with a shoe?


My jimmies are better protected than cripta's virginity. People should take that lesson and be a little bit less chauvinist/retard.

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