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TJ Dillashaw vs. Takeya Mizugaki @ UFC 173


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TJ Dillashaw vs. Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 173


I think this will be a hell of a fight.


Takeya Mizugaki has turned into a decision machine. Split decisions in two of his last three. Last win over Nam Phan was fairly unimpressive if you ask me. Nam won't be in the UFC much longer. So Mizugaki had better show up to bang for this one.


TJ Dillashaw is still a contender in my eyes. I gave him the 29-28 decision over Assuncao, but thankfully for Assuncao, I wasn't one of the three judges. Marking that as a win for Dillashaw means he's only lost to John Dodson in his entire career. I imagine there's only another fight or two between him and Barao, and while I don't think he offers much that Faber doesn't, Barao can't just sit and wait for a real contender to materialize. Somebody has to get beat up.


Anyways, who ya got?

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