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Im very upset about the racism of some users are creating of the UFC FORUM, now its a new trend on hating brazilians. Im not brazilian, in Chilean.


in the FORUM RULES its forbidden. Please take action on this, because its not acceptable..


-Flaming, which includes, but is not limited to, use of racial, religious or ethnic slurs, sexually discriminative or homophobic language, cussing, and derogatory labeling.


USERS : cashflow247 - xfatalstrifex


using this signature



Thanx in advance

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River Ape is not a racial slur, river ape is a term used widely in brazil, for people who came from the amazon. You said it yourself, you do not live in brazil, so quit acting like you know the local tongue. will link to the evidence too.


PS Chile is barely above being a third world country and on its way right back. Sorry but FACTS are not racism, see how that works

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