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Machida vs Weidman - UFC 173


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BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA called it. Belfort got "injured" the day after trt is announced illegal. =))


Na he actually said he wasn't going to apply for a license in Nevada after the trt news. He was pretty straight up about it if u ask me.

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Somewhere Patster and carnage just committed sepuku


I'm a Machida fan as well, ****.


Oh right, I forgot that part.



Also I didn't know you were back. What happened to all that retirement guff you were talking on Live?


The fans requested a return, I had to oblige.


I can't when I'm banned for BS half the time, though.

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Weidmans legend is so strong it crumbled VITOR before the fight ever happened. The goat is so good he K O 's people without even touching them, imagine what he'll do to macheetah. The fastest runner in the ufc followed only by carlos "running man" condit.

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Machida will punch Weidman into Bader's twin brother.


Yeah like the best striker pre Weidman did... You're einsteins brother from another mother.


Except Machida isn't close to 40 ............He will have his 36th birthday 5 days after the fight.


that's a lot better than 38

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If Machida could just be more aggressive I could get behind him, but it's always the same thing. I think hes ****ing skilled but watching him fight puts me to sleep.


Im not on the Weidmeng train yet, so just from an objective standpoint its pretty tough to call.


Id be leaning to Weidmeng slightly, if he gets the fight to the ground he has the tools to work something out. Lyoto has very good TDD though and we all know what his gameplan will be.

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