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Chael on OTR - Discusses Wanderlei and Drops Dox on Stephanie McMahon

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Chael appeared on TSN’s Off the Record in Canada this week and after he discussed Wand, TUF Brazil and how he was at a disadvantage not being able to communicate with his fighters during their bout due to the language barrier he was asked about CM Punk's WWE status. While addressing the question, Chael held up a piece of paper that had Stephanie McMahon's phone number and said that people should call her and Triple H to find out.


"I don't know if Punk's going to wrestle at Wrestlemania, but I know who does. You want to know who knows? Stephanie McMahon -- and if you want the answer to that question viewers, call her on her personal and private cell phone number," Sonnen said. "There's no 555, this is her personal cell phone number. And have her tell Triple H I just played the game." - Chael Sonnen


Dox drop that was censored by OTR @4:30


After the show Landsberg apparently called the number and verified that it was real.




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