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Petition to get GUNNAR NELSON fighting in Dublin


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We got main and co-main, right here:




I mean, seriously, even Gunnar is smiling to this possibility. Make it happen!


1. AndersonIsStillTheGOAT

2. -richard

3. WarWest

4. PoloRidah

5. TeemuSelanne

6. Cole1186



If we can get 10 people to sign they'll make it official.

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By the way, it's confirmed: McGregor vs Miller as main, Gunnar vs La**** as co-main.


Wow,that card must be stacked with cans if that is the main and co-main. Those should final on prelim or maybe 1st card pay per view.




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Some good fights on this card. Fight wise the co main interests me but the trash talk for the main event should be entertaining but Nam Phan smashed Miller on the feet so can't imagine what McGregor is gonna do to him.


Plus the 2 flyweight fights should be very entertaining

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