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Texeira = Browne = CAN


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I just rewatched the Bader fight. It's a FREE FIGHT on the UFC's YouTube Channel. And OMG is Glover sloooooow!!! Bader was faster, was winning the exchanges, rocked him and had him hurt. Tex was lucky to land the ending shot, which erased everybody's memory of how the fight looked until that point. The same happend when Browne KOd Overeem - people forgot he was getting outclassed until that point.


Now Jones, just as Werdum, will expose the CAN inside the Glover.


5:13-5:18 LOLOLOLOL!!!! That guy will beat Jones?


...and then Bader went full Bader. Too bad.


How slow is Tex?

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If he's slow, then what the hell are these guys who are getting knocked out by him?


If he is fast than indicate a moment in this very video where he does something fast.


The right/left that dropped Masta was fast enough it seems. and I'd say its a fair statement that Bader's chin > Bones chin


Having said that I say Jones wins this easily

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