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Question for @TigerChamp


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A man should spend no more time on a phone with a woman than he can have sex with her

5 mins, tops


If I let a girl talk for hrs while I do nothing but agree, can I lie there and let her do all the work for hrs during sexy time?




If you let a girl talk to you for hours? LOL a man spends no unnecessary time on a phone. yes and no are perfectly acceptable answers to any question.


After a hard days work its expected for you to have dinner followed by a baby jay. Its not only expected but implied that she should do all the work at home.

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What I mean is does talking on phone buy time in bed or vice versa, or is there simply a 5 minute limit on either one due biological limitations and therefore man rule limitations to match workload between sexes?


Pretty sure my ratios are all messed up rite nao.


Its definitely a physical limitation on both our parts, but as to whether sex and phone time are interchangeable commodities? absolutely


Men generally have a physical limit on how many words they speak in a day, Its a couple of thousand. Women have the same limit but its capped by how many words they can speak per minute over minutes in a waking day.


When you get home from work you have already spoken all the words for the day your physical limitations will allow, whilst your female companion still has a good 20 thousand odd words left to speak.


What it comes down to in this situation is we both have something the other wants, therefore sex and conversation are perfectly tradeable commodities.

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If its getting a higher sex to conversation ratio your looking for their is a few surefire tips to achieve results


Grow facial hair, hipster beards may look **** to other guys but women seem to love them


Be sure to appear distant and show no public signs of affection to you female companion unless she is talking to another male, in which case you should stand as close as possible with as much physical contact as possible. this goes for any male, friends family, her dad.


Be sure in private to show her regular affection, a good slap on the **** in passing goes a long way


Never use any kind of deodorant or cologne, your natural musk is full of pheromones she can't resist


And finally as stated above, women talk, a lot, the thing some guys seem to forget is you don't have to actually engage them, you just have to pretend to listen

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Do you even lift bro?


No, lifting is for ****es. In Australia, we wake up, fight a pack of rabid, bloodthirsty quolls over breakfast, then a long productive day of killing highly venomous snakes while wrasslin crocodiles. We have real world strength, not pretty boy gym strength


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