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Notorious KKK Leader Frazier Glenn Miller Was Once Caught Doing ‘Rather Salacious’ Things With a Black Male Prostitute



Frazier Glenn Miller, the former Ku Klux Klan "grand dragon" and proud anti-Semite accused of killing three people outside Kansas Jewish centers earlier this month, was not always so strict about his discrimination, at least in private. Before becoming an FBI informant, Miller, who had founded North Carolina's White Patriot Party, was caught in a compromising position — in the backseat of a car — with a black man, doing things a federal prosecutor is not comfortable saying out loud.


ABC News reports, via Gawker:


In the course of their investigation, authorities also learned the stunning details of Miller’s arrest a year earlier. Raleigh police officers had caught Miller in the back seat of a vehicle, in mid-act with a black male prostitute masquerading as a woman.


“It was pretty shocking,” says [then-federal prosecutor J. Douglas McCullough], “because of his personal stances that he had taken and what he was now accused on engaging in.”


McCullough says he has read the police report of the incident but declined to comment on the specifics. “I would rather not go into the details,” he said. “They’re rather salacious. I think the facts speak for themselves and people can draw their own conclusions about how incongruous that is.”


Miller once wrote, "White men, not to be outdone by their women, bed down with colored women, accelerating even more rapidly their own racial demise. The reason one doesn't see more White men and Black women together in public is because Whitey fears the Black man," and much more like it.

But in case you thought this guy could not get any worse, the 73-year-old claimed last year, in a phone call with the Southern Poverty Law Center, "that he had lured the prostitute to the meeting with the intention of beating him." Then one thing led to another.




Are racists secretly self hating homosexuals that have confusing feelings about the BBC?


Please discuss.

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I would like to state that I 100% support a person's right to be with anyone they feel attracted to. There is no shame in having carnal relations with a person from another race or the person of the same sex. As long as both are consenting adults, what happens between them is their business...I'm going to skip over the fact this was an act of prostitution because that's a whole other topic entirely...


Having said that, I do take an inordinate amount of humorous pleasure to see stories like this come out - but only from the stance of seeing their hypocrisy collapse around them and inevitable social embarrassment. This man undoubtedly has surrounded himself with similarly close minded people, so he will be ostracized from that social circle, and most of the world will be uncomfortable with his prior claims of bigotry - thus we're left with him feeling like an outcast which frankly people who harbor and espouse discriminatory view points should become social pariah.


I know it's unsavory to enjoy a case of schadenfreude, but I hope most will forgive me for taking a second or two to relish the kind of social justice this man who has previously been poisoning our society is about to face.

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