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Diego Sanchez vs Ross Pearson. Who wins this fight?


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This is going to be an amazing fight and could be as good as Sanchez vs Melendez. If I had to pick this fight, I'm going with Sanchez. Not only because I'm a huge fan, but he has the better gas tank and can take a huge shot and that part is important because both of these guys are going to get hit with some serious leather in this fight. I think Sanchez I'll be able to get a few takedowns early in the fight to seal up round 1 and I think he will out brawl him and win a unanimous decision. The thing that Sanchez needs to be careful of is that he struggles a lot with good counter punchers and Ross is exactly that but I think Diego is going to out strike him.

Sanchez via UD.

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DieGoat via better striking and wrestling.

Better striking , the guy leads with his face, he hasn't evolved since TUF 1.He's getting his head picked apart all night long, even more 1 side than Diego's last fight.When's the last time Diego wasn't bleeding like a mofo after a fight.


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Pearson always falls apart in fights.


He'll smack Diego around early but Diego will eat his shots and turn it on late for a TKO, probably from GnP.


Diego hasn't knocked anyone out in 6 years and his striking is garbage. Ross Pearson by UD.


This ^^^


I want Diego to win but his striking really is ****ing garbage LoL


Ross via easy UD in my opinion

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