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Pat Barry got KOed


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Pat has a thing for big black dudes and uppercuts it seems. :(


It didn't get to see the fight but it's surprising watching that gif he's standing completely square back peddling in a straight line & reaching with no head movement. I know **** happens but that's pretty bad technically.


I hope he retires and becomes a coach ( striking offense only )

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It was actually a pretty close fight up until he got rocked the first time.



He was kicking his **** until he got KTFO'd two minutes into the fight.

There was some good action until he got KO'd. Barry was throwing mean high kicks and good combo's, some nice flying knee's too. Mwekassa was too much for him tho.


These guys are HW's they can get KO'd with just about any strike. And Barry's chin is pretty much done.


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