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Hey, everybody!


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I see @cashflow247 lurking liking WWs posts but not cuming in for some good ole man love and sexy make up time


what up with that, meng? I try to be friendly now so you stop the tear show, brah.


well listen, when you're ready, Im


photo open.jpg

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@odiskunk‌ - I don't know what your problem is with @cashflow247‌, but I'm going to need to to get over it if you want to keep posting around here, because I can't have the two of you just going back, and forth after each other in every post you make. He wasn't even posting in this thread, and you provoked him by mentioning him.


He's definitely not in the right all the time in this either, but I'm seeing a trend of you starting things.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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