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Glory 17 LA; Mother of God......


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Ghita vs Verhoheven for the heavyweight title

Bazooka Joe vs De Bonte for the welterweight title

Then the 8 man middleweight tournament featuring;

Artem Levin

Joe Schilling

Melvin Manhoef

Simon Marcus

Wayne Barrett

Filip Verlinden

Alex Petrie a

Bogdan Stoica



GREAT GOOGILY MOOGILY that is an epic first ppv AND under card featured on Spike

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Verhoeven lives 15 minutes from my home. I know him from when he worked as a bouncer in Bergen op Zoom, a small place in Holland, cool dude, and he's doing really well these days. Hope he wins the rematch with Ghita.


Sorry but you're wrong on him winning. Ghita is a beast!


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